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    Welcome to Natural Harmony clinic! Our team of Chinese medicine and oriental practitioners are here to help you on your health journey. We commonly help our patients to bring their health in balance prior to conception, improving fertility and in assisting fertility, supporting healthy pregnancy across all trimesters, prepare for birth and recover after birth. Our aim is to work with you, your specialist and introduce more peace into your life.

    We would love to hear from you if you are looking for a workshop space, interested in joining our team, interested in TCM internship or in need of direction with your health, you can contact us on info@naturalharmonytcm.com.au,
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Kate Moran - Registered Shiatsu Practitioner

Shiatsu for Mobility, Pain Relief and Better Sleep

We had a quick catch up with our clinic’s Shiatsu Therapist – Kate Moran. It’s interesting, we work side by side together and so focused on our patients that we really do need...

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happy menses info session

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Your Period

  Is your ‘time of the month’ approaching? Are you beginning to get those no so subtle hints and signs? The mood swings, bloating, stomach pain, breast pain, stress, fatigue…The list goes on....

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Healthy Pantry Foods

Hey! I’m so excited you are getting back on track with healthy eating, here are my healthy pantry foods that I always have around, depending on what is seasonally available of coarse. These...

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3 Tips for Kicking the Sugar Habit to Boost Your Immunity

Have you ever been on the sugar roller-coaster? That glorious high when you bite into that first piece of chocolate in the block, followed by the wave of guilt that sweeps over you...

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chicken broth from the East

Chicken Broth from the East

In Chinese medicine we go on about bone broths a lot, because they are rich in nutrients and minerals, gentle on the stomach and healing during the colder months. Usually a bone broth...

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keep calm and get healthy

Successful strategy to achieve your 2016 health goal for life!

Happy Chinese New Year! For me the year starts now! This is not only because the energy of the Chinese animal kicks in. By the way it is the year of the fire...

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Inner Zen, Outer Shine!

I want to say that our womanly outer anatomy doesn’t define us, because we are so much more than our boobs, bums, hair and pouts. We are highly intuitive, protective, kind, caring, driven,...

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Spring Tucker

We welcome Spring to Melbourne! Why does one get excited about Spring? Yes, to being more active outdoors! Yes, to getting into the garden! And the most exciting YES is to the Spring foods that...

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This Jaded Winter

  What’s it like to truly live in-sync with the seasons, I wonder? I stop and notice what happens when winter is upon us. Up until now the people around me including myself...

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20150709_192927 (1)

Winter Warmers

Let’s start with a warming recipe: Potato and Leek Soup with a Corny Twist:  What you need: 5 small potatoes peeled and chopped into chunks 1/2 sweet potato peeled and chopped into chunks...

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